17 Superstars We’d Love to Recruit for Our the home edit season 2 release date Team

We’ve just updated the release date to October 30th, which means that we’ll be releasing this episode on October 30th. We’re still working on getting a release date on the podcast site, but this means that you can listen now.

If you wanted to wait and listen to the podcast on your own time, you had better do it now. While you are waiting, we’ll be releasing the rest of the home edit episodes as they become available.

We’ve not yet released the home edit episodes, but are working on it. This will take a few days, and will include a couple of the home edit episodes as well as some of the home edit tutorials.

The home edit episodes should be available sometime in November. If you want to hold off on the release until then, we would suggest that you create a new account on the podcast then go ahead and set an alarm for the release. We would also urge you to share the link to the podcast on your social-media networks.

The home edit episodes are a separate series from the home edit tutorial series that was previously released. We’re still working on making the tutorial series more interactive, so stay tuned for more in-depth tutorials in the coming weeks.

We’ve finally gotten our first batch of the home edit tutorial episodes out and are now ready to release them on iTunes. I’ve been working hard to make the episodes easier to navigate and more user-friendly, so hopefully you’ll find them easier to follow the tutorial than before.

We’ve got a few new episodes to release this week so stay tuned and come back next week for the rest of them.

The series has been pretty slow to start, but things are starting to pick up now. Thanks to our Patreon supporter, the Home Edit Team, Ive been able to get two new episodes out earlier than expected, and its working well for us. Keep an eye out for more of these episodes in the coming weeks.

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