texas is better than california

In the past decade, Texas has overtaken California as the most populous state in the country. In fact, Texas now has more residents than the U.S. as a whole. What is surprising is that this has happened without the state having any trouble in the last 15 years. Why? Well, one reason is that people in Texas are more likely to be confident, well-informed, and open-minded. Texas also has a larger GDP than California.

It’s not that Texas is better than California. California is far, far, far, better than Texas. The people in California are generally more educated, more open-minded, and more confident than their counterparts in Texas. California also has a larger economy than Texas, but with a much larger population.

That said, I would argue that the two states, with a relatively equal number of people, have different political economies with far different results. Yes, Texas has a large population. But it also has a large economy (and the state’s economy has done a great job of growing over the last generation). And that is because Texas has more people in it, and more educated people.

Texas is a state composed of a rural, agrarian type. It is the third most populous state in the United States. The state has a larger economy than California and a larger population. As such, there is a greater need to grow jobs and businesses and a greater need for infrastructure development. This can be seen in the fact that Texas has the largest numbers of college students in the country. It is also the third wealthiest state in the country. This is not a bad thing.

This is really a double-edged sword to the state. On the one hand, it allows Texas to provide services and jobs to people all over the country. On the other hand, it means the state has less money for infrastructure development. It’s a good thing.

If Texas was only just a bit poorer, it would be a lot easier to provide services to people. It’s not. Its still a better state than California, but not by a lot.

But we should not forget that California is the most populated state in the country. Its not just because its bigger. The reason is because its the most expensive to live in. California is the most expensive to live in. We should be grateful for that.

A lot of people think that California and Texas are the only two states that get a bad rap. But they are not the only ones. The map below shows the ratio of the number of people living in California to the number of people living in Texas.

In most states the two areas are very similar. But in California, even though its the most populated state in the country, Texas is actually the second largest. That means that people living in California are roughly half of the total population of Texas.

This is a good thing. California is one of the most populous states in the country, and people living in it are roughly the same as the people living in Texas. This is important to know because, as the map shows, the majority of people who are moving to one state or the other are leaving for better economic opportunities. The other states in the map that are similar to Texas are New Mexico and Alabama.

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