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Saturn conjunct Pluto is one of the top three most famous conjunctions in the sky. It’s rare to see a conjunct conjunction of planets that isn’t the first or second. Saturn conjunct Pluto, however, is the only one that happens between two planets that lie at the center of our solar system. This may sound like a little odd, but it’s true.

If you’re an astronomy nerd, you probably know that it is in fact the only time in our solar system when two planets will appear in the same part of the sky. It is an interesting coincidence, but one that many find pretty unbelievable.

Its a bit of an odd coincidence, but it happens quite often. Last week, a new video appeared on Youtube, showing that there is a planet known as Pluto that is conjunct Saturn at the same time. As part of the video, they showed some orbital data. This is the first time I’ve seen Pluto conjunct a planet. This is a pretty big deal, and is very interesting to watch.

Although Pluto has conjunct Saturn a lot, it’s not really conjuncting them as often as we’d like. They are the only two planets that are truly conjunct each other, but it’s a whole lot more common than you might think, given that the other three planets are all about 1.5 degrees apart.

Pluto is in a very interesting position. It is in the midst of being the first planet to orbit a star, and the first to orbit the Sun. It is also in the same part of the sky as Uranus. That is a huge deal, and shows that Pluto is very similar to Uranus.

Pluto could be considered the polar opposite of Saturn, and Uranus is the polar opposite of Neptune. Saturn is the only planet in all of our solar system that is the opposite of its twin. So imagine if Pluto and Uranus were the two planets that were the opposite of each other. This could potentially explain why they have such different names.

In reality, Pluto is only the second planet that was created when the Sun and the Moon merged. The first planet was Saturn, and the second was Uranus. In the beginning, both Saturn and Uranus were so close to each other that they could pass right through each other. But once they began to separate enough, Saturn began to orbit Uranus and Uranus started to orbit the Sun, eventually forming the two planets.

This is a really interesting idea. I know that this is a really really boring question, but I am curious.

In ancient times, the two planets were thought to be the same, but in the later period of history, people began to think that they were not the same. Many astronomers theorized that if Saturn and Uranus had only been closer together, they would have formed into a single planet. This was due to a phenomenon called the Kuiper belt, where a large asteroid belt orbits the Sun close to the orbit of Uranus.

The idea that Saturn and Uranus should have been closer together was dismissed for a long time, and even astronomers who believed that they were not the same eventually came to the conclusion that they were close enough to cause a collision. However, this theory was rejected in the 19th century, and the idea that they might be one planet is still popular today. In fact, the popular belief that they might have been the same is what eventually led to the discovery of Pluto.

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