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As a licensed and insured remodeling contractor in Oklahoma, I understand that a renovation may be a necessary part of your home improvement plan.

In the same way that we must give our homeowners a fair and honest evaluation of their home’s needs and desires, we must also give them a fair and honest evaluation of theirs. The same goes for remodeling contractors. We must evaluate their workmanship, their materials, and their efforts to make their labor as safe and cost-effective as possible.

Remodeling is a big job. We don’t want to spend any more money hiring contractors that we know are not as safe or careful as they could be. So even though they may look good on paper, we must tell them that they’re not as safe and reliable as they should be.

Its a sad state of affairs when a contractor we hired to do our own remodeling in our house, asked for a quote for a complete remodel and didn’t get one. When we told him we didn’t think he was safe or reliable enough, he said he already took care of it and he didnt need any more services. What a way to treat us.

In the end all we can do is not have contractors take risks on our behalf, and hope you can steer clear of contractors that you know are not as safe or careful as they could be.

The sad part of it is that many people do business with a contractor that they know will fail. I would not do business with a contractor that I know will fail. If you are serious about the work you are doing, then you should be sure that the contractor you are working with is a person you can trust.

I think the real problem here is that some contractors seem to think they can make it look like they know what they are doing. But in reality they don’t. They may not have the proper experience or training, they may not know their own trades, they may not have the proper licensing or insurance, or they may have other problems (it’s not just the contractors’ failures they are taking on).

I am sure there are some people out there who are the absolute best at their crafts, and they are just as capable of doing their work with an out of date product or a less experienced subcontractor. But that is not the case with everyone. The best contractors tend not to be the best, and there are plenty of those out there who are far from the best. If you are working with the best, then you will be able to work with the best subcontractors.

With contractors, it is always a little bit of both – you cannot have it both ways. The best contractors take on the best subcontractor, because they know that the best subcontractor will not have an issue with their work or their product. That is why the best contractors are able to be so reliable and so successful. The best contractors are also the most successful because they have a team of professionals that take care of each project and make their work go smoothly.

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