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This post focuses on the relationship between the eight core elements of the universe, which all work together in support of one another.

There are eight main forces in the universe, and together they create a matrix of forces, which in turn define one’s personal space and the physical properties of one’s body. In the same way, the 8 core elements create an overall “matrix” and are also the main agents of change and transformation.

It’s very much an “all or nothing” situation. The most elemental force is the wind, which moves and changes the space around it. The second most elemental force is the sun, which forms the basis of what we call the day. The third and fourth elemental forces are the moon and the stars. The fifth and sixth elemental forces are water and fire, and so forth.

Well, it’s like that because you know when you’re on fire that you have to keep holding your hands up in the air. You have to keep holding your feet up (or, if it’s a winter evening, your butt in the air) to avoid the flames. You have to hold your head up and your eyes toward the sun to avoid the flames. When you run out of wind, the sun turns around and you’re back to square one.

As it turns out, our hero, Colt Vahn, is still very much on fire, but he’s trying to deal with it. He still has the powers of fourth and fifth elemental forces, but he’s also got a new one. A new sixth elemental force. The moon. It’s a powerful, silver-gray force that can be used to change the course of history or to cause the moon to disappear.

Colt also has a new sixth metal, a metal he can only use to change the course of history if he gets the one element that is not in his current elemental force. The fifth elemental force is the element of fire, which is also a sixth element, but is the least powerful. Colt needs to find a way to get rid of the fifth element of fire.

For a while there, I thought Colt was a vampire, but that’s not the case. The story goes that he was born as a vampire, but that he eventually became a member of a race of people known as “fae”, a race of beings that can live forever and never die. Colt has the ability to transform into one of these fae, and in the new trailer, Colt can only transform into one of them.

The trailer reveals that Colt has the ability to transform into one (or more) of these fae. So you can say that he has the power of love. Well, I think that’s a bit harsh. Colt is still stuck on his island with no memory of who he is or why he’s there. Colt’s a pretty good guy, so I’m not sure where this line of reasoning is going.

If you liked The Witcher, you’re gonna love the new trailer. It’s got all of the same amazing details but it’s basically all about Colt and his new fae.

I’m really not a fan of fae, especially if you’re not a Witcher character. I’m sure there are some good reasons for this. But I believe that fae can be the basis of a good game. It’s a new type of character which adds a dimension of depth to the game. Fae are very hard to kill because they can easily morph into an extremely powerful form.

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