5 Killer Quora Answers on five cups

I have five cups. One cup is to drink when I’m at work and two is for the fun of it. One cup to drink when I’m trying to stay awake and five cups to drink when I’m falling asleep.

I have five cups, but when I’m trying to stay awake, I drink eight cups.

This is what I believe the concept of five cups is all about. It’s about having the right number of cups to drink when you want to feel like you had the right amount of drinks to consume. It’s about having a good amount of drinks when you’re a little drunk and having a little to drink when you’re a little sober.

The idea of having a five cup lunch, well, thats a different story. Well, unless Im making this into a drinking game, that is. The concept is that Im in a bad mood and Im in a good mood. In a bad mood you can drink more, and in a good mood you can drink less. Well, except you can only have so many drinks in a day (or year) with no exceptions.

Well, except this game is made in a time where there aren’t any exceptions. So you can only drink two-tenths of a full cup of coffee at a time. And of course, you cant hold a five cup cocktail on your person.

Five is a really good number.

But how do you know if you have too many cups or too few? Im going to guess the answer is a little bit of both. If you have too many, you can get a drink and drink it away… but then you’re toast. If you have too few, you can’t drink anything.

So what happens when you have five cups of either? Well, the game will tell you this. So you will have to figure out the answer to that at your own risk. We all have habits and routines that we tend to get in our head, and we tend to know how many cups are required to achieve our goals.

We’re not talking about actual numbers here, but you will need to drink a certain amount of alcohol to get to the next level (which is a big one). The game actually shows you that at the moment. So you can make a rough guess and if you cant guess, then you’ll have to find out for yourself.

The game is fun and you can make a decent guess, but the game is not really about guessing numbers. Its about finding out how many cups you need to achieve a certain goal, which is to move to the next level. So you will also have to drink a certain amount of alcohol to get to the next level.

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