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How Did We Get Here? The History of bachman’s roofing Told Through Tweets

bachman's roofing

This is a post that comes to us from our pal bachman and his wife. It was originally published in the August 2016 issue of Bitch Magazine.

Bachman and I know that roofing is a really popular DIY hobby in the US, but we thought it would be even more popular in Canada. So we decided to do a bit of a Canadian-style DIY with our friend’s attic. He’s got a nice, clean, and mostly empty house, so he wanted to have a roof, but he wanted it to be just as nice.

We spent a bit of time digging through his attic to find what we thought would be a good project for us to do. Our goal was to build a nice, functional, beautiful roof. Our first steps were to clean out the attic space and organize what we had found. As we were unpacking, we saw a large, old-looking, brown, wood, piece of wood that seemed like a good fit for our project.

We worked on our project for a few days before I realized that a) it was a really pretty thing, and b) it would fit nicely into our newly-furnished attic. I liked the idea of a long, shallow roof that we could build into a nice, low pitched ceiling, and the thought of it being the perfect size for our home. The first thing we did was to turn our old, worn out, old roofing shingles into a nice, flat surface.

We decided to make our roofing shingles as flat as possible so we wouldn’t have to worry about how the roof would look like from the inside. I took a few roofing shingles and tried to make sure they were flat, so we would be able to put them at the very end of our roof. And so we did. It has a very low pitched roof with a steep angle, so it was easy to get the shingles into the roof.

That’s what we want to avoid when it comes to our roof. It could be possible that it wouldnt be as flat as it was made out to be.

Although the roof was flat and level, it was in fact very steep. Most roofs I have seen to date are flat, but very steep. And it was. However, I think it is still better than the flat roof that I have seen, but it does not appear that way in the trailer.

Of course, it’s not just the roof that is flat, it’s the rest of the house as well. The interior is flat, but because of the steep angle of the roof, it was impossible to have a proper floor. The only “floor” of the house was the one we had in the trailer. We needed a floor, so we could sit the chairs down, eat our meals, and relax a bit.

The trailer I saw had a flat roof, and the interior was only a flat floor. In fact, since the trailer was flat, I don’t think we needed any floors. The trailer only had no walls, so the only way to get in or out of the house was through the roof. You will notice that the trailer was a different color than the rest of the houses we have seen.

I hate how the trailer I saw was different. It was a color that was totally unlike the rest of the houses on the game. It was darker than any of the other houses on the game. It looked a bit like a forest, or a desert. I was even confused for a bit because it was so dark. I think it makes sense that this trailer is a new trailer. The trailer I saw was really just a new set of pre-rendered images.

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