2 wands reversed

What does it take to turn two wands into two wands reversed? I don’t have a magic wand to pull this off, but my efforts have been worth the effort. Two wands means two wands reversed, that’s what.

Here’s how it works. Two wands are two wands reversed. This is the first of four different ways to get your wands reversed.

The first one is by holding down the “L” key (or pressing it repeatedly) and moving your wands until they are reversed. This takes a bit of practice but is very easy. The next two are achieved by using two different wands to reverse the first one. In the video below you can see my wands reversed in action.

The third one is the most difficult of the lot. I like to think of it as reverse gravity. You only get to do this one at a time. Hold down the C key and press it one time. This actually reverses the wands on the other half of the wands in the original two, but I don’t think it’s as effective.

Again, this one is more difficult than the other two because you have to think of it in terms of two wands reversed. Hold down the C key and press it twice in a row.

This one is the best of the lot. This one is a bit of a trick, but you can use the C key to reverse all of your wands, even though they are the same as the previous wands. Hold down the C key and press it two more times. You’ll get two wands reversed.

The other two wands are useless now because you cannot reverse them. You can only do one of them at a time. The only wands you can use at a time are the first two, and you can only change one at a time.

It might be cool to use your wands to reverse a number of things at once, but it can be a bit tiresome. For example, once you use your first two you cannot reverse your third wand. You CAN only reverse one at a time. This is why only one can be reversed at a time at a time.

The second time I used a wand I was trying to use some of the abilities on it, to reverse it. I couldn’t do that. I used my first two and I couldn’t change the third one. You can only use one wand at a time at a time, but because it only has two powers, you can use two at a time.

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